Julep FAQs

Julep is a financial wellness app that uses a psychology-based approach to creating healthy financial habits and empowering users to make financial decisions more confidently.

What is Julep?


What is Julep's mission?


Empower members to improve their financial wellbeing by providing financial education, guidance, and support in an approachable, non-judgmental manner.

How does Julep work?


Julep users learn how to better manage their finances through short, digestible lessons and activities. Working together, Julep will guide you along a path to improve your financial wellbeing, starting with the basics and moving to more complex topics, all at your own pace.


Learn more about how it works here.

How do I access Julep?


Julep is a web app that will open in your phone's browser. Click on this link to get started!

Julep is for anyone who wants to make smarter financial decisions, create healthier financial habits, or just feel more in control of their finances.

Who is Julep for?


How is Julep different from other financial apps?

Most financial apps focus on budgeting and/or investing. Julep believes financial wellness is more than the numbers—it’s about understanding our individual behaviors and motivations and how they influence our financial decisions. We provide financial education, but also focus on behavioral changes that lead to improved personal financial management.

Julep believes there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Everyone has different goals, motivations, and mindsets around their money. Your Julep experience is based on you and your behaviors rather than what some expert says you “should do.”

What does psychology have to do with finances?


Financial psychology is the student of the mind and behavior relating to spending, saving, and investment decisions.

People don’t make financial decisions based on facts and logic alone. We are emotional beings. We interact with money based on our various assumptions, beliefs, motivations, values, feelings, biases, and worldviews. Applying principles of financial psychology can empower us to act intentionally toward achieving our personal financial goals.

What information do I need to provide?


To sign up, we only ask for your name and email address. To get the most out of the Julep experience, we also ask you to link your financial accounts through Plaid so we can fully understand your situation and help you reach your goals.

Will my data be secure?


Yes. Your data is encrypted using bank-level security. For more information, see our Privacy Policy

How much does Julep cost?

Julep is a subscription-based app. Learn more about our pricing here.


What if I am a complete beginner?


That's ok! Julep is a judgement-free zone. We will teach you the concepts you need to know, starting with the basics, without using complicated financial jargon.


We are here to motivate you and reduce your stress, no matter where you are in your financial journey.

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